Dream Chaser

Jesse McKnight wakes to find that his wife has vanished with only a vague note declaring that she has done so in search of “something better.”  Her departure thrusts Jesse into the role of reluctant single parent, and his clumsy attempts to bridge years of emotional absence only further alienate his three children.  It’s his daughter Katie’s dream of owning a horse, coupled with Jesse’s imagined redemption, that leads him to purchase, sight unseen from a brutal owner, a mustang mare. The mare has been removed from the only place she’s ever known.  Jesse has managed to hold onto his home but almost nothing else.  When their lives intersect, they become each other’s best hope for regaining what they’ve lost.

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“Fine, damn fine. And at times simply stunning!” – Dorothy Allison, author of National Book Award finalist Bastard Out of Carolina

“An extraordinarily well written and original novel, “Dream Chaser” clearly documents author Pat Spears as a talented and imaginative wordsmith. With its deftly crafted characters and a riveting storyline from beginning to end, “Dream Chaser” is highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

“… You could call Dream Chaser a modern literary cowboy drama with western stereotypes turned on their heads.” – Tricia Booker, My Left Hook
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“Spears has a remarkable gift of taking the kind of rundown man we’d shake our heads over … and painting his humanity with such tenderness we want to rush up to the next down-on-his-luck stranger we see and offer a hug and assistance.” – Southern Literary Review
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“… a real accomplishment … [Dream Chaser] is a powerful and beautiful book.” – Sean Carswell, author of Madhouse Fog 

“Pat Spears has created a realistic and hopeful story of a father’s love and a family’s hard-won salvation. Dream Chaser is a novel to relish and ponder, and the characters will stick with a reader long after the final pages.” ~ Tallahassee Democrat

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