Changing Wishes to Reality

ornament2Two weeks ago, I was reminiscing about the Christmases of my childhood and the things I wished for.  I guess we all do that to some extent this time of year – recall special moments and sweet surprises.  What I am thinking about today, though, is not the special times of long ago but the special times of right now.

This year, I discovered that releasing a novel is a terrifying thing.  What if no one reads it?  What if people read it and they hate it? What if I did a reading and nobody showed up?  What if I gave a party and nobody came?

But you did come. You read the book, told me what you liked about it (and sometimes what you didn’t like, but gently and supportively) and wherever I went, you were there with smiles and encouragement and the occasional bottle of Jack Daniels.

For a long time now, the thing I wished for most was to have my novels published.  But the fulfillment of that wish would have fallen woefully short of what I always imagined without friends and supporters with whom to share it. You have my deepest gratitude. 

SassyWithGift2I wish you joy in this holiday season as you celebrate in whatever way fits your beliefs.

And although Sassy didn’t get to release her book this year, she had a good Christmas too.







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